Saturday, January 26, 2013

Self - Expressed in 2013

My mantra for 2013 is to be "self-expressed".  The intention is for the words that I write; the clothes that I wear; the thoughts that I speak; the projects that I create --will all express what I feel and how I see the world. 

My entire way of being needs to say who I am and how I roll.

Last year was a mine field of challenges and obstacles. With God, friends and family, I'm here in 2013 and so excited by the opportunities that are already opening up for me.

I have taken on a great, new position with my company. I am a member of a dynamic team. I enjoy the work and it's something for which I have a natural skill set. How awesome is that?! A true blessing.

Even better -- this group dresses for work! I am re-acquainting myself with my inner fashionista --  boy, have I missed her! Looking good really has made me feel good. I have become a purse and shoe fiend and am shopping for sleek, stylish pieces to add to my wardrobe. 

Here are some of the looks that inspired me as I endeavor to get my groove back:

...It's going to be a great year!