Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break for Adults

As a forty-something, single, empty-nester I propose a spring break for adults. I 'd love to take a week away from my daily grind and PLAY. I could sleep late then hang out at the mall with my friends trying on make up and swooning over cute guys. Or I could go for broke and head to the beach for a week of fun in the sun that would put girls gone wild to shame!

But alas, it will all have to wait. My allergies are acting up, I have a bad headache, I'm behind on work deadlines and I'm 20 pounds away from a bikini. Besides, it will be more enjoyable when the kids are back in school.

Speaking of swimsuits, this is going on my bathroom mirror. I've got to get back into shape.

On the scrapbook front, I went to Archivers. They had the new Heidi Swapp and 7Gypsies lines so I picked up a few new goodies. 

My weekend goal is to complete my three current projects and maybe starting a new one. I have a feeling a lot of caffeine will be involved.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Let The Weekend Begin!

First, the bad news:  So much for my Friday off this week. I'm heading into the office this morning to complete all of the things I couldn't get to yesterday -- confirming the contract for Monday night's dinner, creating name tents for Monday's meeting, creating budgets for 3 cost centers, reconciling my expense account -- all in a week's day's work.

The good news: I have a 10:30 appointment at the Nordstrom Bobbi Brown counter for a makeup lesson. I made a large purchase investment a few weeks ago and I'd like to add a few items for my spring look.

The BEST of all: I'm signed up for a 5K walk tomorrow morning -- weather permitting (my words; not theirs.) I'm looking forward to the exercise and being out with other people who are committed to fitness. I have 20 pounds to lose and the best way to get them off is to stay in motion.

I was surfing on etsy a few minutes ago and found this chandelier. It would look perfect over my kitchen table. I've been in my house for almost 2 years and it still has a "just-moved-in-look"  in my eyes. I've been collecting odds and ends for a while. Now it's time to make my house a home!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marching Right Along...

This month is moving along so quickly. Work is CRAZY! I hate it so when my corporate life gets in the way of my creative endeavors! But since it also pays the bills and keeps me in paper, thickers and craftiness -- I go with it. Unbelievably, I'm already working to complete and submit the 2013 budget. That's a real life forecasting lesson that I will use in my craft business.

Freebirds World Burrito has come to my neighborhood. Initially, I was resistant because I had a bad "dude" experience at another location a few years ago. (Yes, I know I tend to hold a grudge. I fervently believe in good customer service for any enterprise that wants to a portion of my hard-earned money.) Last Saturday on the way home to watch the Duke/North Carolina game, we stopped in to pick up dinner.

It was awesome! The food was fresh and plentiful, the staff was friendly and the atmosphere was hip. I'm going to become a regular.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Week of March

It's 5:15am. I've been up for over 2 1/2 hours. I really need to rework my internal time clock. Daylight savings time starts next week. It's either going to be a gift or a curse -- possibly both.

I tried to take more photos last week. Some days were better than others. With the warm weather coming to Houston (many claim that it never left) there will be more daily photo ops to capture. I've started to channel my "inner paparazzi." and 'm definitely feeling more comfortable walking around with camera in hand.

It's Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo time I'm attending this year and in big news, I'm plan to --hold your breath --  TOUCH some animals. As a Native TEXAN and rarer still -- a NATIVE HOUSTONIAN, the time has come for me to get in touch with my "cowboy roots". OK,  I will at least attend the rodeo, photograph the animals and buy new cowboy boots.

I saw these lovelies online and I want to make them mine:

Handcrafted Lucchese 1883 Matte Ostrich Leg Cowgirl Boot - Snip Toe (on sale for $439)

Vintage boots found on pinterest.