Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekend Goals

After a five month recovery from an auto accident, I returned to work this week for half-days. It went well. I'm still learning how much I can do without pain. I have concerns about it affecting my work productivity; but truly -- my health comes first.

My work schedule is 9/80 which means we work 9 hour days with every other Friday off. Luckily for me, today is my scheduled Friday off. I really need it. My neck is sore and there's some minor tingling in my hands. But that's normal at this step in my recovery.

The best news is that I'm feeling better and ready to take on some tasks around the house and especially in my scrapbook loft. I'm going to list my top ten. I have a 3-day weekend and the goal is to get them all done --( with the help of my handsome assistant / hubby).

Fawn's Weekend Goals:
  1. Complete 12x12 Graduation album prototype
  2. Print 100 photos
  3. Make and mail Father's Day card to Greg's dad (TODAY)
  4. Put out towels and rug to match new shower curtain in guest bath
  5. Call client about graduation album order
  6. Take photos of all scrapbook items I want to sell
  7. Start Project Life 2014 - I have everything stored by month in 2.5 gal Ziploc bags. I just need to get everything in albums.
  8. Walk 3 miles on the treadmill 2 out of 3 days (this is by far the most difficult item on the list
  9. Plan meals / shop / prep for next week. I have gained a lot of weight and I have to start eating well along with the dreaded exercise
  10. Take time to remember my Dad on Father's Day. He's been gone for 5 years. I miss him terribly. As the oldest, it's my job to keep all his memories alive for all the generations of our family.
 Enjoy your weekend and be safe!

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  1. I'm working on number 6 too :) It's nice to get back into a routine sometimes, hope your work schedule goes well for you!